Friday, July 24, 2015

Political Power

Beware a dangerous drug known as political power. You should learn to spot the warning signs:
  • Unlike most other drugs, use of political power is always abuse.
  • Political power is a powerful aphrodisiac.
  • People who experiment with political power often become lifelong users.
  • Political power affects speech, sometimes causing individuals to ramble incoherently and with a total lack of self-awareness. Affected individuals may speak in sentences that, while grammatically correct, lack any content. Unwary audiences often get a “contact high” from such rambling individuals and become intoxicated themselves.
  • Political power can cause arrogance, overconfidence, and delusions of grandeur.
  • Political power can cause otherwise ethical individuals to commit crimes such as theft, assault, kidnapping, and even murder.
  • Political power can cause otherwise intelligent people to completely lose their facilities for reason.
  • People under the influence of political power often have “mind-blindness” and are often unable sympathize with other human beings.
  • Individuals who abuse political power are often adept at evading the law.
  • People who use political power may appear charming to observers, but they are actually very manipulative and dangerous. Like serial killers. Also, many of them are serial killers.

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