Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump's Popularity

Recently I was having donuts for breakfast at a local donut shop. There was a table populated by a bunch of old guys bullshitting with each other, eating donuts and drinking coffee. I thought to myself, “This is Trump!” None of them expressed a coherent worldview. They weren’t meticulously cost-benefit analyzing their political proposals. No, they were speaking from the “id” and trying to one-up each other on who had the cleverest political comment. If you had a transcript of all such conversations from this one group, you’d find the same people voicing support for opposite policies on different days (like Trump). Suppose you put these men in charge of government. Just sit them at a table, give them coffee and donuts, and turn each of their verbal ejaculations into a law. You would end up with an incoherent, self-contradicting hodgepodge. (Err…more so.) The bureaucrats who administer the law would be paralyzed by their inability to comply with contradicting orders. Watching these old guys talk gave me some insight, I think, into Trump’s popularity. And imagining them directing government gave me some insight into what a Trump presidency would look like. (Or any populist presidency, for that matter.)

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  1. Subsequent events show that this was pretty much spot on.