Monday, February 20, 2017

Curious Patterns in Traffic to My Blog

I can see some rough summary statistics of my readers, including counts from each country, counts by entry source (facebook vs. mobile vs something else), counts by internet browser, etc.  Nothing specific to any single viewer, just sums of various traffic sources. Anyway, it raises some interesting questions.

 Like…who is reading my blog in Russia?!? Are you a bunch of spammers/hackers? Or are hacker/crypto-libertarians reading my blog through proxies on the Tor browser (proxies that somehow route through Russia) while they are buying drugs on the dark web? (Please, oh please, be the latter!) And why am I seeing spikes in traffic to my blog at four o’clock in the fucking morning? The most obvious explanation is some kind of spammer looking for ways to exploit my blog, and 4 in the morning is daytime in Russia. But every time I see this I hope it’s a cryptography-obsessed anarchocapitalist reading my blog into the wee hours of the morning (you know, waiting for the crack to wear off), perhaps obsessively clicking the “refresh” icon every few minutes to see if I published a new post.

If I have a few readers who are living out the ethos of the crypto-hacker anarchocapitalist, surfing the web until five in the morning, I salute you! Thanks for reading. Keep doing good work out there!

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