Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What To Blog About?

I’m running out of interesting topics. A lot of my posts from last year were about the economics of drug prohibition and recent trends in drug poisoning deaths (or “drug poisoning” deaths if, like me, you don’t believe these are all classified correctly). I want to maintain this blog and keep it interesting, but I have a strong impulse to quash any idea if it doesn’t pan out into a highly original post. Thus the lower frequency of blogging recently. I have several options and they have various trade-offs.

  1.  Write a lot more posts on whatever is on my mind that day, even if it’s something I’ve talked about at length before. Perhaps I have ten or so heavily overlapping posts on income inequality, but if some new study or politician’s speech happens to be on the news, I’ll reiterate those points just because it’s bothering me right now.
  2.   Link to other stories and blogs with minimal commentary just because I found something interesting.
  3. Accept that I have nothing new to say and say exactly that.

For 1) and 2), I usually just go to Facebook and fire off a quick share with minimal commentary. So I'm getting the utility of this elsewhere. Also, I risk being extremely repetitive. But maybe that’s necessary if the same old fallacies keep coming up in my news feed. If these are being recycled with some regular frequency, then perhaps a periodic debunking is necessary. Some arguments become “tired” because nobody answers them. With 3) I risk long dry-spells, which risks falling completely out of the habit of blogging and stopping altogether.

I read a lot of books, and often do so with the intention of reviewing some of the books I’m reading. But for some reason I rarely do written reviews of any of the books I read. For one thing, I do a lot of my “reading” on audiobook, so I don’t have the text handy when I want to excerpt something (unless I can find the passage on Amazon’s preview or in Google Books or somewhere else online where someone happened to quote the exact same passage). I’ll try to share a little more of what I’ve been reading without feeling the need to do an in-depth book review.

Any topic requests from my readers? Don’t interpret my asking as a promise to blog about any topic, but if there’s something interesting that’s worth discussing I can at least be thinking about it.

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